About LADC

Caring, Qualified Teachers

LADC Hires four year degreed/licensed, early-childhood specialists or Kindergarten certified teachers as Lead Teachers. In addition to over 25 years experience in early-childhood education, Executive Director Janet Miller is also a certified Parent Educator.


LADC is a non-denominational Christian based program. Children of any religion and ethnic origins are welcome to attend. in addition to a weekly “spiritual emphasis” and daily prayer, Bible-based lessons are written into our curriculum and children participate in daily singing and monthly children’s worship time.

Teaching to the Whole Child

LADC’s classrooms, curriculum and teaching approach are designed to meet all the needs of young children. Academic goals, social-emotional situations, feeling loved and valued as a child of God; these are all important pieces to a child’s self-esteem, friendships and success in school.

Flexible Half/Full-Time Schedules

In additional to traditional preschool classes, LADC incorporates Full and Half Day options with our high quality kindergarten readiness programs. We recognize that part-time care can be difficult to find. LADC divides the day into half-day core classes with extended “wrap-around” care hours to meet the needs of families.
**All Full Day Programming includes 6 HOURS OF CLASS/LICENSED TEACHER CONTACT TIME 9:00am-3:00pm DAILY.

Parent Speakers and Family Events

LADC believes very strongly that the parent is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life! Parents are always welcome in our classrooms, and our early-childhood specialists are available to meet outside of class to help with questions or at-home issues. Speakers and Social Events are also provided throughout the school year at no additional cost.

Special Events

Birthday Celebrations - Your classroom teacher will send home a “birthday bag” with a poster to decorate and invitation to bring a “treat” to school for snack. Birthdays are typically celebrated during the time of opening circle at the beginning of class. Parents are welcome to stay. (Half-Birthdays will be celebrated for Summer dates) Birthday “Treat” Ideas… yogurt; pudding; granola bars; fun fruits; small cookies; mini cupcakes; in season fruit;

Field Trips - 3, 4 & 5 year olds attend 2 to 3 bussed fieldtrips each year. Sample trips include: Grocery Store; Apple Orchard; Nature Center, etc. Parents are welcome to join us! Watch for Sign-Ups with your classroom teacher.

Grandparent/Special Adult Days - Grandparents or other Special Adults are invited to come to school for a day full of special activities!

Christmas Program - All 3, 4 & 5 year olds put on a special Christmas Concert Program, which takes place on a Sunday afternoon or Weekday evening. Families and Special Guests are invited!

Spring Circus (An LADC Tradition) – The LADC Circus takes place in the spring each year. All 3, 4 & 5 year olds have a role as Lions, Tigers, Clowns, Strong People, Acrobats, Elephants, Seals, Dancing Dogs and more! These performances are during the regular school day.

Graduation/End of School Picnic - All 3, 4, & 5 year old preschoolers graduate each year! Families and Special Guests are invited!