Philosophy & Curriculum

The LADC Philosophy

Children entering LADC programs have already established foundations of their personalities. Future growth stems from these early years. Two to Five year olds bring themselves, as well as part of their home, to the school as they begin this new experience. The teachers in LADC strive to give children the necessary help to build bridges between their home and school lives and provide them an environment which fosters the child’s emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and physical development.

Components that Make up the LADC Philosophy

Lake Area Discovery Center has created a unique blend of the following models that is the daily operating philosophy on how LADC interacts with children and families. The components are:

1) Bank Street:  Curriculum is based on theme units which are carried out in interest areas such as: music, art, science, reading, and dramatic play.  Teacher made materials are widely used because they meet children’s individual needs.

LADC Philosophy:  LADC believes strongly in the Bank Street approach.  All curriculum webs from a central focus so that children will have greater recall.  Our environment is set up in centers so children may choose a wide variety of experiences each day. Our day includes:

*Art, Science, Dramatic Play, Blocks, Manipulative, Music, Computer, Cooking, Cognitive Games, Stories, Math, and Large Muscle 

In addition to basing the curriculum on theme-based units, LADC also incorporates a “Letter of the Week” into their daily schedule.

2) High Scope: Curriculum is based on Key Experiences.  Each day is centered on specific objectives, or “Key Experiences”.  To accomplish this goal, High Scope uses a Plan-Do-Review cycle to help children make deliberate, systematic choices in their day.

LADC Philosophy: LADC incorporates the High Scope Plan-Do-Review approach into the daily schedule.  Opening Circle Time and Story is the “Plan”, Center-time is the “Do”, and Question of the Day at snack is the “Review.”

3) Early Childhood Family Education – (ECFE): Curriculum is based on the philosophy that the parent is the “First” and most important teacher.The classrooms are designed to facilitate parent-child interaction through sign-directed centers.  The centers are usually theme-based and many of the cognitive games are homemade, which gives parents ideas of  activities they can do at home.

LADC Philosophy: LADC believes very strongly that the parent is the “First” and most important teacher, so our classrooms are set up to invite parents and children to experience a center together when they arrive at school.  Each center contains a “Sign” explaining the objective for parents.  A detailed explanation of the activities called “A Peek at Our Day” is available when the parents sign-in.

3) Montessori:  Curriculum is based on sound ideas of how children learn. There is a sense of order to their classrooms and children work independently at their own pace.  All games are self-correcting for immediate feedback.

LADC Philosophy:  LADC incorporates Montessori principles through the sense of order that is present in an LADC classroom.  All shelves and bins are labeled for children and each LADC classroom contains the same developmental areas.  Teachers create cognitive games for each unit which are always self-correcting.  This allows children the ability to work at their own pace just like the Montessori philosophy.

Christian Emphasis: Each week, children are immersed into the “Spiritual Emphasis” for the week through a wide variety of daily activities.  A LADC curriculum always contains daily Christian songs, prayer before meals, and a modeling of Christian values by the teachers.  Once a month the children attend “Worship Time” which is a hands-on Bible-based lesson written and taught by LADC staff.  Pastors and Christian Education Directors at each church are always welcome to be a part of this Worship experience for children.

Birthdays are another wonderful opportunity for the program to celebrate each child as a special gift from God!  This is done through a blessing that is sung while glitter is sprinkled on their head.  It is to remind them that they are a child of God and they sparkle in His love!

 Other opportunities for families to experience Christian programming are at our annual Christmas program and the various Family Nights put on throughout the year.

Our Curriculum

LADC usesThe Creative Curriculum a leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum approach for children birth to age 5. It is designed to create a high-quality learning environment which opens doors to successful learning by making learning exciting and relevant for every child in our classrooms.

LADC lead teachers meet monthly to write curriculum based on weekly "Units of Learning", designing activities around 50 Goals and Objectives for Development and Learning in 10 Developmental Areas, including Social/Emotional, and Physical Development, as well as learning in Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Science/Technology, Cognitive and the Arts.

Handwriting Without Tears is used in our classes to help children prepare for Kindergarten. This award-winning curriculum uses fun, child-friendly activities to prepare children for writing. It expands their exposure to language, colors, shape, movement, letters, numbers, counting, and how each relates to writing using music, drawing and handwriting activities.


Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled every Fall and Spring, where parents receive updates and feed-back on their child's physical, social and academic development. Information on each child is gathered through out the year with a variety of

Child Assessments, including: Teacher Notes, Developmental Continuum, Skills Checklist, and Classroom Observations.