Social / Emotional

Our Social / Emotional Learning Goals

Children are best able to learn when they are COMFORTABLE in an environment where they feel LOVED AND SECURE. The world is a complicated social puzzle; we are not born with the skills needed to have success in life, from friendships to school and beyond!

Our LEARNING OBJECTIVES are for a child to

  • Regulate their own EMOTIONS and BEHAVIORS, with adult support and self-comfort skills
  • Follow LIMITS and EXPECTATIONS with adult direction and classroom rules
  • Establish and sustain POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS. Is able to separate from parents and trusts caretakers, demonstrating concern about the feelings of others and making friends.
  • Participates COOPERATIVELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY in group situations. Knowing how to take turns and initiates sharing of toys. Is also able to express feelings during a conflict, suggests solutions or seeks adult help to resolve a problem.

The Discovery Center LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS provide positive modeling of words and actions, as well as guide children through conflict resolutions. They create a SAFE and CARING environment for children to learn and practice social skills by guiding them through a variety of social situations during the class day.

  • Large Group / Circle Time
  • Play / Center Time
  • Snack / Lunch
  • Small Group / Conversation Time
  • Cooperative Games
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