Art and Music Program

Our Art and Music Learning Goals

Children who are ENGAGED with and learn to APPRECIATE music and the arts are able to demonstrate what they know and allows an expansion in their thinking about creativity. They learn to RESPOND to art; talking about and showing others what they have made, as well as showing INTEREST and RESPECT for the creative work of others.

Our LEARNING OBJECTIVES regarding the arts include:

  • Exploring the visual arts
  • Exploring musical concepts and expression
  • Experiencing dance and movement concepts
  • Explore drama through imaginative play, actions and language

LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS at the Discovery Center make available a VARIETY of media and materials to give children experiences in art, creative movement, music and dance daily in the classroom. They talk about art techniques used by illustrators after reading storybooks. Teachers ask open-ended questions that invite children to think about their creations and why they made particular choices.

Children are offered DIVERSE, OPEN-ENDED materials to explore and create with, providing opportunities to paint, draw, print, stitch, sculpt, photograph and make collages. Technology is incorporated, using drawing/painting software, cameras, notebook/pads with creative projects.

Special guest artists and musicians are invited into the classroom to share their work with the children, talking about materials, tools and techniques used and how their work has changed over time.


Arts and Music
Arts and Music
Arts and Music
Arts and Music