Curriculum & Assessments

The Creative Curriculum (R) Curriculum & Assessments

is a leading scientifically based, comprehensive curriculum model for children birth to age 5. Designed to create a high-quality learning environment, opening doors to successful learning in our classrooms, by making learning exciting and relevant for every child.

Activities are designed around 38 Objectives for Development and Learning in 10 Areas. These include social/emotional, physical and language; as well as cognitive, math, science, technology, social studies and the arts.

In addition to the Weekly Units of Learning, Preschool lessons also include

  • LANA “Learning About Nutrition through Activities”

    The LANA program is a fun, effective, and hands-on approach to nutrition education. Kids play and learn at the same time, building the critical skills for making healthy eating choices. Discovery Center teachers have received LANA training from the MN Dept. of Health and implements the LANA nutrition concepts into weekly lesson/snack plans.

  • CATCH “Coordinated Approach to child Health”

    CATCH is a program that is specifically designed to nurture a love of physical activity early on in children. Discovery teachers have been trained by the MN Dept. of Health to lead safe and enjoyable activities based on over 300 developmentally appropriate activities for early childhood students.

  • Letter of the Week focus
  • Rotation Daysone day per Unit of Learning, children move in small groups of no more than 10 students, rotating between 4, 20 minute activity classes taught by all four preschool teachers, that may include: math, creative art, story/library, large muscle/cooperative games, individualized cooking or Worship. These days provide extended-small group experiences for children who thrive in smaller groups, in-depth project times and preparing children to adjust to multiple teaching styles.



Curriculum & AssessmentsThe Discovery Center has S.T.E.A.M Certified teachers on staff who help plan weekly lessons that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. These lessons help build children’s skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability and sequencing.




Curriculum & Assessments