Wrap-Around Care (Before and After-School)


Wrap-Around Care before and After School

Stay and Play!

The Extended Adventure Wrap-Around Care program at The Discovery Center provides a warm and relaxed environment, where children can play with friends and continue to learn while having fun.

Play-Grow-Learn  When attending before school, children are served breakfast between 7:00-8:00am. After school, children have the opportunity for additional large muscle time, creative activities and games, as well as enjoy some downtime as needed. Snack is served at 4:00pm.

The Wrap-Around Care Program “Extended Adventures” offers part and full-time schedules, with school-year and summer camp enrollment for toddlers through pre-kindergarten.  Wrap Around care time is included in Inclusive-rate schedules, as well as available in Ala-Carte schedules.

The Extended Care Program are offered at all Locations.

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