Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

Parenting Tip Tuesday Video Series with Behavioral Specialist, Dr. Jenna Edlund

Parenting can be one of the greatest joys, but it is a role that doesn’t come without challenges! At Lake Area Discovery, we are here to help. As a Nationally-Accredited, Faith-Based Early Childhood Education program serving Infants-Age 5, we seek to support parents and children in a creative environment that promotes Christian values, honors diversity, and fosters fellowship within the greater community. Click here to browse our 18 metro locations!

In support of our families, we produce a monthly video series, “Parenting Tip Tuesday,” where LADC Behavioral Specialist, Dr. Jenna Edlund offers monthly parenting tips. View the videos below or on Facebook and Instagram! (And don’t forget to follow us!)

All information shared in the videos and handouts is derived from the latest Early Childhood Education research, studies, and best-in-class practices.

2023-2024 Videos

Parenting Tip Tuesday #8 – Setting Up Play Dates

In our final Parenting Tip Tuesday edition of the school year, we’re delving into the world of play dates! As summer draws near, it’s prime time to nurture your young one’s social skills with some fun peer interactions! Check out our video below for tips on organizing enriching play dates and enhancing those social/emotional skills this summer.

For more information, access our LADC Setting Up Playdates Handout! Here’s to a summer filled with growth, learning, and FUN for you and your child!

Parenting Tip Tuesday #7 – Bedtime Difficulties

In this month’s edition of Parenting Tip Tuesday, we’re diving into bedtime battles! Does your little one fight sleep, wander out of bed, or summon you multiple times at night? Don’t fret! We’ve got some expert strategies just for you!

Watch the video below for game-changing tips on making bedtime a breeze! And, for an extra dose of support, access our LADC Bedtime Difficulties Handout 

Parenting Tip Tuesday #6 – Calming Strategies

In this month’s edition of our Parenting Tip Tuesday video series, we are exploring the art of Calming Strategies!

Emotions are a rollercoaster ride for every child – fear, anger, sadness, joy – they feel it all! But when these feelings reach a boiling point, it’s crucial to equip them with coping mechanisms. Let’s empower our little ones with the tools of emotional regulation!

Check out the video below to discover a few effective strategies; then, access our LADC Calming Strategies Handout to learn more!

Parenting Tip Tuesday #5 – Sibling Rivalry

In this month’s edition of our Parenting Tip Tuesday video series, we are focusing on Sibling Rivalry! Did you know? Research shows sibling rivalry can occur at a rate of up to 8x per hour. But here’s an interesting twist: Arguments among siblings can actually have positive effects! Watch the video below to learn how how sibling conflict can serve as an opportunity for children to learn and grow. Then, access our LADC Sibling Rivalry Handout to learn more!

Parenting Tip Tuesday #4 – Getting the Most out of Play

In this month’s Parenting Tip Tuesday video, we are focusing on Getting the Most out of Play! Play is not only FUN, but a powerful tool for fostering a strong and positive connection with your child. Learn about one of the most effectives types of play and associated benefits in this video. Then, access our LADC Getting the Most out of Play Handout to learn more.

Parenting Tip #3 – Building Positive Relationships

This month, we are focusing on Building Positive Relationships. Research shows that by creating positive relationships with your child, you not only can decrease current disruptive behavior but can develop a protective factor against future behavior problems. Watch the video to learn more, including a few great ways to restructure daily interactions to be proactive! We also invite you to access our LADC Building Positive Relationships Handout to learn more!

Parenting Tip #2 – Heavy Work Strategies

This month, we are focusing on Heavy Work Strategies, a tool created and used by Occupational Therapists, which provides a calming and organizing effect on the body through various movements. Watch the video to see if your child could benefit from these strategies and for simple ways to incorporate them into their everyday life! Access our LADC Heavy Work Strategy Handout to learn more!

Parenting Tip #1 – Growth Mindset

This month, we are focusing on cultivating a growth mindset. Did you know that the way you talk with your child about mistakes or difficult moments now, will shape the way that your child’s brain processes information in the future? Watch the video for two important tips on how you can help set your child up for success, and access our LADC Growth Mindset Handout to learn more!

2022-2023 Videos

Parenting Tip #7 – Transitions

This month, we are focusing on transitions – defined as moving from one activity or setting to another! In the video, Dr. Jenna provides eight important tips to help to create terrific transitions with your little ones and to correct any problematic behaviors your child may display.

Watch below, and access our LADC Transitions Handout to learn more!

Parenting Tip #6 – Child Anxiety

This month, we are focusing on child anxiety and ways parents can help support their children.

Watch the video below to learn more, and access our LADC Handout on Child Anxiety which touches on the cycle of anxiety, additional alternative responses to your child’s anxiety, and more on how to turn our protection into support.


Parenting Tip #5 – Reward Systems

This month, we are focusing on Reward Systems and all that they have to offer!

As a parent, you may have your own beliefs in favor of or against reward systems. Reward systems, just like any parenting tool, need to be used effectively and tailored to the individual child to see results! Specifically, they can help provide a bridge between a behavior children can’t or won’t do and a habit, by creating a reason for them to try it more than once.

Watch the video for a few helpful tips when creating a reward system, then visit our LADC Reward Systems Handout for more information!


Parenting Tip #4 – Creating and Utilizing Social Stories

This month, we are discussing creating and utilizing “Social Stories.”

“Social stories” are written or visual guides YOU create that describe many different social interactions, situations, behaviors, and skills. They are read repeatedly so that children overlearn them, and are re-read right before an anticipated problematic behavior occurs. Social stories serve as a creative and fun way to prompt new skills!

Watch the video to learn more, and access the LADC Social Story Handout which contains more information including HOW to create them and examples.


Parenting Tip #3 – Interventions in Everyday Settings

This month, we are discussing the importance of interventions in everyday settings. Learning how to embed learning in everyday activities is one of the most important ways to support your child’s growth and development in early childhood. Watch the video to learn more, and access the LADC Interventions in Everyday Settings handout for specific examples while exploring four ways to increase your child’s communication skills.


Parenting Tip #2 – Resilience

This month, we are focusing on the importance of building resilience in children. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from hard challenges that life brings, and something we must help children acquire over time through life experiences. Research shows that resilience in children is linked to more success in school/life and the ability to build more positive relationships. Watch the video to learn four ways you can start building resilience in your children now. To learn more, view our LADC Resilience Handout.


Parenting Tip #1 – Selective Attention

This month, we are highlighting the behavioral tip “Selective Attention,” where Dr. Jenna encourages you to give your attention to positive behaviors to help increase their frequency, and ignore undesirable behaviors to achieve the opposite effect. Watch the video below! To learn more, view our LADC Selective Attention Handout.