Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Us Unique

Q: What is the difference between Ala Carte and Inclusive?

A: Inclusive tuition rates include the option of attending childcare days and two “one week” vacation vouchers. Childcare days are offered on days that regular school is closed (ie: Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks) Ala Carte is generally for families who remain within the core hours of the day (half day or full day) and do not need care on childcare only days.


What Makes Us UniqueQ:  Can I pick up my student outside of my confirmed schedule?

A: Our staffing schedule is based on each individual child’s “confirmed scheduled time”, not the time block. In order to remain in compliance with DHS Licensing requirements for student:teacher ratios, it is important that families stay within their confirmed drop-off/pick-up schedule as closely as possible.

Our early drop-off / late pick-up policy states:

  • $25.00 charged the first 10 minutes and $1.00/minute per child after.
  • At the discretion of the Site-Director, a family may lose the privilege of using the extended care program if early drop-off / late pick-up becomes a repeated issue.

If a confirmed schedule needs to be changed/updated, a request may be emailed to the Site-Director and the Admissions Director 


What Makes Us UniqueQ:  What are Vacation Vouchers and how are they used?

A: Vacation Vouchers (inclusive schedules only): The inclusive schedule program includes two (2) vacation vouchers, which may be applied toward one (1) week at a time during the school year (September through May).

The Vouchers have the value of one week’s tuition and must be used toward a Monday through Friday week.  Unused vouchers may not be transferred to another school year or be refunded for the cash amount.

To request a vacation  voucher be applied toward a student account, email the request, student’s name and week’s date to


What Makes Us UniqueQ: Do we pay if school is closed or my child is sick?

A: We do not update billing statements based on individual days attended/not attended. The way we determine our tuition is by calculating a total yearly tuition amount with the Holidays/Days Closed already factored in. We then divide that amount over all the weeks of school, so that families pay the same amount weekly /or monthly so families do not need to keep track of a different tuition payment amount each week /or month.


What Makes Us UniqueQ: What do I do if I need to update my child’s schedule or billing information?

A: If you need to make changes to your child’s schedule you may submit a request to If there is availability to accommodate the change, a $25.00 schedule change fee will be added to your family’s Procare account.

If you have billing questions or would like to update your billing account information, you may submit an email to



Q: After initial enrollment/acceptance, Is  my child automatically enrolled into the following school year?

A: LADC uses a CONTINUAL ENROLLMENT MODEL for currently enrolled families. Children currently enrolled in the Discovery Center are automatically placed in the following school year’s classes until aged-out or withdrawn from the program. (ie: 24 month-old toddler enrolled June 2022 would age-out August of 2025)

Students are auto-enrolled and guaranteed a spot in the upcoming school year with the CURRENTLY ATTENDING SCHEDULE. After receiving the Auto-Enroll Confirmation email in November, families may confirm or request an updated schedule via email with


Q: What is the Annual Program Fee?

A: Program Fees are now combined into an ANNUAL PROGRAM FEE of $235/student.

This includes:  $85.00 Enrollment Fee; $50.00 Classroom Supply Fee; $100 Fundraising Fee

  • The $85.00 Enrollment Fee will be charged/paid upon confirmation of the school year schedule.
  • Two payment schedule options are available for the remaining $150 in fees:                                            – $150 payment in full, September 1st                                                                                                                  – Three $50.00 payments: September 1st, December 1st and March 1st each year.


Q: Do I need to register for Summer WOW Camps separately?

A: Full-Time/Inclusive Students will have the option of being automatically placed into Summer WOW Camps. (An email/survey will be sent asking for the family’s preference.)

Current part-time students may begin RESERVING SUMMER CAMP DAYS/SCHEDULES in January.