Large Motor Activities

Our Large Muscle Learning Goals

Large motor skills involve MOVEMENT OF THE LARGE MUSCLES in the arms, legs and core body. Activities include walking, running, skipping, jumping, throwing, climbing, biking, balancing, dancing and more. These skills are most utilized on a playground or during gym time.

Preschool children need STRONG LARGE MOTOR SMILLS so they can PARTICIPATE in games and activities, but also so they can participate in games and activities, but also so they can participate in classroom activities that require BODY CONTROL like walking down a crowded hallway or sitting still during lesson times.

The LICENSED LEADS TEACHERS at the Discovery Center provide learning activities for children to demonstrate skills in:

  • Traveling– experimenting with different ways of moving (jumping, walking, running, skipping), moves purposefully from place to place with control and is able to easily play games and navigate obstacle courses.
  • Balance– sustaining balance during walking, jumping and carrying objects.
  • Full Body Control– tossing bean bags, throwing and kicking balls, sitting stationary during a story or lesson.
Large Motor
Large Motor
Large Motor
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