Literacy and Language

Our Language Learning Goals

  • To listen and understand increasingly complex language. To comprehend language and follow directions.
  • To use appropriate conversational and communication skills. To engage in conversations, gradually increasing in length and start to use acceptable language and social rules like “hello” and “thank you”.


Before knowing how to speak, a young child is already COMMUNICATING with the world. A baby knows to cry for a parent’s attention: that raising arms up asks “pick me up”. Before a child learns to read and write, the path to literacy has already begun; playing with books, scribbling on paper, tracing letters on an e-tablet, are all steps of emergent literacy.

The Discovery Center’s LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS provide access to rich language and literacy environments in their classrooms. Children’s emergent language and literacy development is boosted by the many activities and experiences integrated into the class day, supporting FUTURE ACADEMIC SUCCESS.

  • To use language to express thoughts and needs. To use expanding expressive vocabulary and begin speaking clearly. To begin to use correct grammar and show emergent understanding of time and place (past, present, future) with detailed stories.
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