Our Social / Emotional Learning Goals

Children are best able to learn when they are COMFORTABLE in an environment where they feel LOVED AND SECURE. The world is a complicated social puzzle; we are not born with the skills needed to have success in life, from friendships to school and beyond!

The Discovery Center LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS provide positive modeling of words and actions, as well as guide children through conflict resolutions. They create a SAFE and CARING environment for children to learn and practice social skills by guiding them through a variety of social situations during the class day: Large Group / Circle Time; Play / Center Time; Snack / Lunch; Small Group / Conversation Time; Cooperative Games

Our LEARNING OBJECTIVES are for a child to:

  • Regulate their own EMOTIONS and BEHAVIORS, with adult support and self-comfort skills
  • Follow LIMITS and EXPECTATIONS with adult direction and classroom rules
  • Establish and sustain POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS. Is able to separate from parents and trusts caretakers, demonstrating concern about the feelings of others and making friends.
  • Participates COOPERATIVELY and CONSTRUCTIVELY in group situations. Knowing how to take turns and initiates sharing of toys. Is also able to express feelings during a conflict, suggests solutions or seeks adult help to resolve a problem.
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