Social Studies Program

Our Social Studies Learning Goals

Social studies is the STUDY OF PEOPLE and the ways they relate to others. The focus of social studies for infants and toddlers focus on self-development within social settings. During the preschool years, children become interested in other people and their community.

Our LEARNING OBJECTIVES in social studies include:

  • Demonstrating knowing about self
  • Showing basic understanding of people and how they live
  • Exploring change related to familiar people or places
  • Demonstrating simple geographic knowledge

The Discovery Center LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS offer multiple ways for children to EXPRESS THEIR INDIVIDUALITY, PREFERENCES and to DISCOVERY more about the people and world around them, through:

  • Creative experiences like painting, drawing, storytelling, song and dance. Providing art and creative materials that express the differences of hair, skin and eye colors.
  • Displaying photographs throughout the classroom showing variety of people’s ages, abilities, genders, roles and characteristics. Offering dolls, play food and music props that recognize diversity.
  • Making books available throughout all of the classroom centers. Printing maps of community, state and world to have available in play areas of the classroom.
  • Encouraging families to share traditions, songs, games and special stories from their home, as well as supporting home languages
  • Helping older preschool children learn their full names, addresses, parent names and phone numbers.
Social Studies
Discovery Preschool Program