Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEM)


  • Preschoolers are NATURALLY CURIOUS and EAGER TO LEARN about science concepts and experiments. Science experiences help develop skills like OBSERVATION, CLASSIFICATION, PREDICTIONS, CAUSE/EFFECT and SEQUENCING.
  • Discovery Center LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS set-up science OBSERVATIONS and EXPERIMENTS using the Science Center in their classrooms., as well as small group experiment times. These experiences foster children’s curiosity and allow them to practice the skills they will need to perform scientific tasks later in school and life.


  • Engineering experiences using art materials and concepts promotes problem-solving and strategic thinking. Teachers provide hands-on experiences giving opportunities for following-directions, sequencing and cause/effect concepts. Children also gain experiences in self-expression.


  • Math and number AWARENESS involves a variety of skills, including NUMERAL IDENTIFICATION, COUNTING, ONE-TO-ONE CORRESPONDENCE, PATTERNING recognition and creation, SORTING and CLASSIFYING.
  • The Discovery Center’s LICENSED LEAD TEACHERS teach and provide opportunities for patterning, number recognition, counting and more each week, by using the CLASSROOM CALENDAR, HANDS-ON LEARNING GAMES, the MATH/ESTIMATION JAR, BLOCK PLAY, CREATION STATION and SMALL-GROUP EXPERIMENTS and CONCEPT LESSONS.
  • The WIDE VARIETY of experiences help a child become COMFORTABLE with basic math and number concepts, LEADING TO CONFIDENCE for learning more advanced concepts later on.
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