Creating peaceful Relationships between Siblings

Category: Education, Kids

If you are a parent of more than one child, you have probably heard the constant “She took my toy” or “He said mean things to me” or “She won’t stop looking at me.” Sibling conflict is bound to happen, sometimes more often than we want. As a parent, it can sometimes be hard to decipher whether you need to step in or let your kids solve their own problems. Obviously every situation will be different, but here are a few helpful hints to encourage your children to get along with each other. Teach your children to pray for each other, especially when they are having difficulty getting along. Look for opportunities to encourage your children to serve each other. This can also help you as a parent when more than one child is asking for your help at the same time. If you hear your children getting in an argument, move closer to them to let them know you are listening. Let them know they can have some time to figure things out on their own before you get involved. Remind them that your involvement will not look good for either of them. If you become tired of reminding your children not to fight, try taking a different approach. Praise the child who is playing nicely without fighting. It may encourage them to make good choices in order to receive that praise from you. These are only a few tips to help encourage siblings to get along. To view more and the rest of the Sibling Rivalry Series, visit