LADC Locations named Family Favorites 2018!

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SIX Discovery Center locations were recently named “Family Favorite Home-Away-From-Home” for 2018! We are proud of these teachers and staff who work hard everyday to provide love, care and... Read More

Check out Twin Cities Moms Blog "Guide to Early Education"

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We are proud to be included in this year’s edition of the Twin Cities Moms Blog 2019 Guide to Early Education. Check out the complete guide here!       Read More

Age Journey Infant Program

Developmental Activities You Can Do With Your Preschooler or Toddler

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Use these activities to help your child improve their development in areas of fine motor, gross motor, and problem solving. Preschool Activities Anytime your child is getting dressed, try to... Read More

Building Positive Relationships with Your Child

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Why is building a positive relationship with your child important? Research shows that by creating positive relationships with your child, you help develop a protective factor against future behavior problems,... Read More

Spring Events and News

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We are proud to announce LADC’s NEW PARTNERSHIP with Presentation of Mary Catholic School in Maplewood! Opening this Fall, Presentation’s Discovery Center will serve families with children 24 months through... Read More

March Family Events

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There are many Family Fun / Partnership Events happening around the Twin Cities with the Discovery Center and our wonderful Church and School Partners to observe this Lenten Season and... Read More

I don’t want to let go! Easing Separation Anxiety

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Going to school is a time of excitement, anticipation and newfound independence.  While some children will handle this transition with ease and say “You can go now,” other children will... Read More

Building Empathy in Your Children: Teaching Them to Care for Living Things

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“Can we get a dog?” If you are like many parents, you have probably heard this line before…possibly with a cat, a fish, or even a snake.  Your first instinct... Read More

Creating peaceful Relationships between Siblings

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If you are a parent of more than one child, you have probably heard the constant “She took my toy” or “He said mean things to me” or “She won’t... Read More

Encouraging Language Development in Your Preschooler

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After experiencing toddlerhood and the words that start to form during that time, many parents find it exciting when their children become able to have a conversation. And many parents... Read More

Is Your Discipline Style Working?

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Have you ever felt like you are being too rough on your kids? Maybe sometimes they cry or say something hurtful to you that just breaks your heart. Have you... Read More