Encouraging Language Development in Your Preschooler

Category: Education, Kids

After experiencing toddlerhood and the words that start to form during that time, many parents find it exciting when their children become able to have a conversation. And many parents can agree: some of those conversations can be both interesting and silly at the same time. Even as your child begins to understand words and phrases more, there is still development happening at this stage. Here are some simple ways to encourage that language development in your preschooler:
  • Be a daily play partner with your child by engaging in conversation and allowing him/her to ask questions.
  • Make time to play one-on-one.
  • Make sure play time is fun, enriching, and natural.
  • Follow your child’s conversations that arise naturally.
  • Not only should you ask you child about what he/she is doing, but also ask how your child is feeling and talk about why things happen.
  • Use longer, more complex words in a variety of contexts.
  • When your child’s words get jumbled or mixed up, affirm him/her with a “yes” and then re-order the sentences correctly.
  • Expand on your child’s conversations.
  • Use book time as a way to expand your child’s vocabulary and grammar.
  *Tips taken from http://www.parents-choice.org/article.cfm?art_id=334&the_page=consider_this